Invitation to form a Regional Committee for IARC in your region

Dear fellow member,

As per the resolution and directive of the MID EC Meet – Kochi, I here by invite you all to join hands in the great initiative of establishing Regional Working Committees for IARC in your region/state/country as part of our development plans.

The Regional Committee shall typically consist of the following, but also the same can be varied to suit a distinct regional desires. The four officer posts (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer) are mandatory. Only Life Member of IARC is eligible to become a committee member. The other roles have more flexibility and can be varied depending on the requirements and all shall be elected at the Region’s Annual Meeting/Periodical Committee Meeting.

All roles within the regional committee are voluntary

Designation Duties & Responsibilities
The Chair
  • The Chair is accountable for the conduct and supervision of all activities of the region.
  • The Chair is likely to preside at all meetings of the region and of the Regional Committee or another nominee, from the same committee.
  • The Chair must keep the Regional Committee and members of the Region informed about the discussions and decisions of IARC GBM/EC, except where these are confidential.
  • At the appointed time after being elected, The Chair in consultation with the other elected officers, should arrange the first meeting of the Regional Committee. At this first meeting, the special duty roles shall be agreed and assigned to committee members.
  • Although Committee Members have assigned duties, it is the responsibility of the Chair to correlate and supervise these activities, to ensure that all meetings start and end on time and that scheduled events are accomplished.
  • At the Annual General Meeting, the Chair must present a report on the work of the year and the condition of the Region also he/she is responsible for presenting the same at IARC GBM.
  • Most important of all, the Chair is responsible for engendering enthusiastic support for the Region’s activities.
The Vice Chair
  • The Vice Chair supports The Chair and takes over The Chair in the event that it becomes temporarily or permanently vacant.
  • The Vice Chair is also a member of the Regional Committee.
The Secretary
  • Prepare agendas for all meetings of the Regional Committee.
  • Act as secretary for the business part of each Regional Meeting and for the Regional Committee.
  • Keep all official records.
  • In conjunction with the Chair, coordinate between the Regional committee and IARC Executive Committee.
  • Advise the Chair on procedures for meetings, votes, motions, application of the rules etc.
  • Send minutes of Regional Committee Meetings to IARC Central office.
  • Ensure that IARC central office has up-to-date information on Regional events.
  • Notify officers, nominated candidates and members, of their selection, nomination or appointment.
  • Maintain an attendance register/records of the minutes of meeting, send to EC for filing.
The Treasurer
  • The receipt, safe keeping and disbursement of Regional committee funds as authorized by the Regional Committee.
  • Keeping adequate records of finances.
  • Keeping Region expenditure in line with budget.
  • Advising Region Committee on preparation of budgets.
  • Submitting applications for funding and supplementary information to IARC Central committee.
  • Submitting annual returns to IARC –Treasurer, and providing any necessary additional information requested.
  • Keeping the Regional Committee informed of the financial condition of the Region.
  • Preparation of a Financial Report annually and submission of that report to the Regional Annual General Meeting, with a copy to the IARC-Treasurer and EC.

General Responsibility of the Regional Committee

  • Attract qualified new members who will take an active part in the affairs of IARC and Respiratory Care profession as a whole, both local, national and international level.
  • Broaden the type of membership to include all categories of eligible members from all sectors of industry concerned with respiratory care, Ex. Associate Members, Industry Members etc.
  • Organize and execute membership drives.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of membership requirements and procedures Liaise with HQ on recent membership initiatives and materials.
  • Update and Maintain the Regional activities in the IARC webpage in coordination with IARC web committee, also ensure such informations are circulated by email to all the members.
  • Make sure the Involvement and active participation of the members in research and activities of journal (IJRC) and IARC annual conference RESCARE.
  • Make sure and encourage the members to actively participate in the activities of ACADEMIA, arranging special appointments and consultations with academia in the COMPTETENCY EXAMINATION, CERTIFICATE PROGRAMMES & OTHER TRAINING.
  • Organize regional conferences and gatherings.
  • Recommend speakers for RESCARE and involvement in the scientific activities of IARC.
  • Respond to the regional members concerns about IARC activities and raise the important issues to the EC.
  • Invite and form advisory committee members for the region by prominent supporters of the profession from the particular region. Ex. Doctors or Academicians
  • Create a regional activity guideline for its functioning.


  • The terms and regulations are not final. All regulation is subject to change by the recommendations of GBM and EC.
  • The regional committee has all right to modify the content with the permission of EC.