IARC welcomes the new leaders

The Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC) is elated to introduce its newly appointed leaders, marking a significant step forward in advancing the field of respiratory care and improving healthcare outcomes for individuals across India. The leadership transition has generated excitement and optimism among professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders in the respiratory care community.

The IARC has been instrumental in promoting respiratory care education, research, and advocacy in India. With its new leaders at the helm, the organization is poised to expand its efforts further, fostering a culture of continuous learning, evidence-based practices, and raising awareness about the importance of respiratory health.

The Indian Association of Respiratory Care is looking forward to the dynamic and transformative leadership of its new members and the positive impact they are expected to have on the respiratory care landscape in India. The organization remains dedicated to its mission of advancing respiratory care and ensuring that individuals across the country have access to the highest quality healthcare services for respiratory conditions.

2023-10-24 11:18:11

In pursuit of this mission, our primary goals include:

  1. Foster the practice of Respiratory Therapy of high caliber, with compassion for the relief of suffering of those with a variety of respiratory ailments, within and outside the intensive care units.

  2. Promoting high quality formal training in institutions that have the necessary infrastructure.

  3. Facilitate continuing education by holding conferences, meetings, workshops etc. to hone the skills of the practicing Respiratory Therapists.

  4. Engage in advocacy for the promotion of the field of respiratory therapy within the medical fraternity, with the various governmental/statutory bodies and the public.

  5. Unite and enlist respiratory therapists of India as members of the association and solicit their support to achieve the objectives of the association.