IARC announces the expansion of its academic wing, Indian Academy of Respiratory Care

As a part of its ongoing efforts to promote professional standards and academic support for the Respiratory Therapists of India, the Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC) today announces the first phase of of establishing its academic wing;

                                                                                                     Indian Academy of Respiratory Care

The academy will offer scientific expertise to IARC, to develop new educational programs and projects, both internally and in collaboration with external agencies. The core objective of the academy centres on the professional enhancement of Respiratory Therapists and Student members of IARC, thereby to transform them as the ambassadors of healthcare profession and leaders of healthcare industry.

Some of the proposed projects announcing soon includes IARC’s prestigious Resident Fellowship Course, in collaboration with Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM), Honorary Fellowship of Indian Association of Respiratory Care and other Certificate courses as mentioned below.

  • Collaborative Programs in Respiratory Care, with ISCCM;

           FARC- ACC: Fellowship In Advanced Respiratory Care- Adult Critical Care

           ACRT: Advanced Certification in Respiratory Technology

  • Honorary Fellowship of IARC

           FIARC – Fellow of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care

  • Advanced Training Program

           FCCRT- Fundamentals of Critical Care in Respiratory Therapy

  • Online Certificate Program during COVID 19 (Webinar based)

           Essentials of Lung Ultrasound for Respiratory Therapists

           Essentials of ECMO for Respiratory Therapists

“The establishment of Indian Academy of Respiratory Care will allow IARC to continue to explore new concepts and create new horizons in Respiratory Therapy, impacting the national initiative of establishing allied health profession as well as a promising future for all the Respiratory Therapists to practice in the frontline of health care industry”, said Dr Manjush, the Chair of Indian Academy of Respiratory Care.

Indian Academy of Respiratory Care envisions the growth of Respiratory Therapy Profession in India, through various academically and clinically structured programs for its Fellow members and Student members.

As part of this new commitment, IARC’s goal remains to focus on fostering collaboration across institutions and disseminating meaningful innovations in the Respiratory Therapy (RT) profession and RT schools across the country. To further nurture the innovative environment needed to significantly transform RT education in the country, IARC also plans to form a consortium and invite other medical and allied health professional bodies to collaborate with the academy in the future.




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In pursuit of this mission, our primary goals include:

  1. Foster the practice of Respiratory Therapy of high caliber, with compassion for the relief of suffering of those with a variety of respiratory ailments, within and outside the intensive care units.

  2. Promoting high quality formal training in institutions that have the necessary infrastructure.

  3. Facilitate continuing education by holding conferences, meetings, workshops etc. to hone the skills of the practicing Respiratory Therapists.

  4. Engage in advocacy for the promotion of the field of respiratory therapy within the medical fraternity, with the various governmental/statutory bodies and the public.

  5. Unite and enlist respiratory therapists of India as members of the association and solicit their support to achieve the objectives of the association.