Congratulations to the newly elected and re-elected members of IARC Executive Board.

The Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC) is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Presidential and Executive Board members. With a choice of so many excellent candidates, we were challenged to narrow the field to the following appointees. The new executive board is elected for 3 years, from January 2022 to December 2025.

The new Board members bring a wealth of experience in various fields of Respiratory Therapy. The executive board of IARC provides critical leadership and decision making which are vital to presenting a unified voice for the Respiratory Therapy profession in the country. We are privileged to have such a committed and talented group of leaders at the helm of our organization, and we anticipate that the diverse experience of our new board members will add significant value to growth of our society and the profession.

Dear Members, please join us in thanking the most respected,

Mr. Arthur Sadanantham, Ms. Anita Patil, Mr. M Radhakrishnan Manoharan, Mr. Shankar Elango, Mr. Narasimha Murthy, Ms. Girija Vijaykumar, Ms. Mangalraj Arun, Ms. Pratibha Todur, Mr. Ajith Surendran, Ms. Sumi Varghese, Mr. Binoy Kuriakose, Mr. Amal Joseph, Ms. Moumita Chakraborty,

for their full-term service on the Executive Board. Executive board service is the toughest volunteer role, and you took on your board duties with dedication, grace, and seriousness. The period of 2017 [October]-2021 [December] (with an extended one-year period) was one of the most successful periods of growth for IARC. This was only possible through your commitment of time and effort, which is especially notable given your normal responsibilities. Again, thank you for your continued commitment to the values and mission of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care.

IARC Office. 

2022-03-12 04:20:06

In pursuit of this mission, our primary goals include:

  1. Foster the practice of Respiratory Therapy of high caliber, with compassion for the relief of suffering of those with a variety of respiratory ailments, within and outside the intensive care units.

  2. Promoting high quality formal training in institutions that have the necessary infrastructure.

  3. Facilitate continuing education by holding conferences, meetings, workshops etc. to hone the skills of the practicing Respiratory Therapists.

  4. Engage in advocacy for the promotion of the field of respiratory therapy within the medical fraternity, with the various governmental/statutory bodies and the public.

  5. Unite and enlist respiratory therapists of India as members of the association and solicit their support to achieve the objectives of the association.