CSRT Extend Support to IARC and the People of India

IARC executive board is pleased to announce that the Canadian Society for Respiratory Therapy is committing to immediately assist IARC through the following means:

  • CSRT will continue to liaise with the Government of Canada, and with the IARC as needed, to support the urgent deployment of a wide range of critical medical supplies including ventilators. We have received encouraging responses from Canadian officials on this and will keep you apprised of details as they unfold.
  • CSRT will make online resources available to support RTs implement the model(s) of ventilators distributed by the Government of Canada.
  • As proposed by IARC, The CSRT will appoint two representative members to participate in a panel discussion and Web Podcasts to share practical experiences that will help prepare them to deliver meaningful care to COVID-19 patients from point of entry (ED), subacute care, and ICU.
  • As requested by IARC, CSRT will provide a list of virtual consultants (Canadian RTs) for other RTs as they manage COVID-19 patients in an effort to help them consider therapeutic options that may be available to them by yet considered by the clinical team.
  • All RTs/practitioners in India will have open access to the CSRT COVID-19 Resource Repository: this information that has been available to all Canadian RTs since the beginning of the pandemic to support their practice (please distribute through your channels - these are available now at CLICK HERE )
  • All RTs/Practitioners in India will have open access to a number of rapid online courses developed by international experts in the field, including the basics of mechanical ventilation and ventilation of COVID-19 patients (please distribute through your channels - these are available now:  CLICK HERE)

Our hearts are with the people of India, and Canadian RTs will respond to our call to action. Let’s stay in close connection to ensure the best possible support is being provided at all times.

Dr. Andrew West, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists wrote to Jithin, ICRC Governor for India. 


2021-05-05 02:54:23

In pursuit of this mission, our primary goals include:

  1. Foster the practice of Respiratory Therapy of high caliber, with compassion for the relief of suffering of those with a variety of respiratory ailments, within and outside the intensive care units.

  2. Promoting high quality formal training in institutions that have the necessary infrastructure.

  3. Facilitate continuing education by holding conferences, meetings, workshops etc. to hone the skills of the practicing Respiratory Therapists.

  4. Engage in advocacy for the promotion of the field of respiratory therapy within the medical fraternity, with the various governmental/statutory bodies and the public.

  5. Unite and enlist respiratory therapists of India as members of the association and solicit their support to achieve the objectives of the association.